Student Power

Student Power Innovator Grant Application


教师将学习如何帮助学生识别和研究学生选择的当地公共政策问题, 包括备选解决方案,并向适当的决策者介绍这些解决方案. 教师将获得协助,与民选官员进行拓展和组织虚拟课堂实地考察,并组织实地考察政府在当地会议上的行动,如迈阿密-戴德县委员会或M-DCPS学校董事会会议. 将提供额外的培训和支持,帮助学生组织他们的工作,与社区中的其他人分享. 

Do you want to introduce students to active citizenship? 申请学生力量创新者资助,让你的梦想成为现实!

  • Quick and easy reporting requirements
  • Field Trip Grant funds ($250) available on debit cards
  • Teacher Stipend upon completion of grant ($250)
  • 在颁奖酒会及颁奖刊物上表扬得奖者
  • Ongoing workshops, training, and support
  • 面向迈阿密戴德县6 -12年级公立学校教师开放



Priority Deadline: Thursday, November 4th, 2021 midnight

Please note: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND 首先在MS Word之类的文档中编写赠款申请的主体, 然后将其剪切粘贴到在线申请模板中. APPLICATION CANNOT BE SAVED while you are in the process of composing online, 在过去,在这个过程中,由于技术相关的中断,应用程序已经丢失, such as server disconnections.

请仔细阅读这些程序和注意事项 before starting your application:

  1. 您必须获得学校校长的批准,以确保适当的行政人员了解您提交的资助申请.
  2. 项目资金必须在本学年使用.
  3. 将需要一份最终费用报告,并可能进行定期实地考察.
  4. AG亚游集团官方网站保留公布所有奖助金计划的权利.
  5. 申请人姓名或学校名称不得出现在助学金正文中. Include name only in the general information section.
  6. 资金不能分配给申请人的个人酬金.
  7. 提案将不会用于扩大和/或维持以前的补助金.
  8. AG亚游集团官方网站保留资助其认为适合一所学校的项目的权利, but not for another.
  9. Each teacher may submit only one proposal; however, if a teacher is part of a team for one proposal, 不禁止教师作为不同小组的一员或自己提交另一份提案. 

From The Education Fund Grant Committee

  1. Write your grant separately, not on the application. Edit with other readers. Then enter the grant into the application. Once you begin entering, finish. You cannot go back and make changes.
  2. Write in sentences (except budget). Avoid education jargon. Do not include standards.
  3. 需求:描述这个项目中学生遇到的具体问题. 简要地描述你的项目和你需要购买的物品. 然后展示这个项目将如何帮助这些学生解决这些学习问题, achieve specific goals, and be creative. NOTE: If this is not an in-class project, 解释这些学生将在哪里以及如何出席并能够参与,以及该项目如何与课堂作业相关.
  4. Project details: Describe overall project. Focus on one major example and go in to detail. 让它听起来很有趣,评委也想这么做!
  5. Student activities: Use lots of “students will do …..” sentences. Show them solving problems and being creative.
  6. 时间轴:展示项目如何与常规学习相适应,但要专注于这个项目.
  7. 评估:以本项目为基础进行评估,而非全年. It can be a test, but can also be a demonstration, performance, composition, experiment, competition, or other creative and authentic evaluation.
  8. Budget: List in same order. Make list easy to read. Judges often look at budget first. 如果您要求的项目需要其他设备,说明它已经可用. If items can be used in future, say so.

Contact information:
Karen Deleon, Associate Program Manager
The Education Fund